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Love to be around aircraft and need a degree? The Aviation University of the Americas has you covered! Come realize your dream, get a degree in Aviation Technology, Finance, Marketing, Management, Interior Design, Dietetics and Agriculture at the Caribbean's first and only aviation university.

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Undergraduate & Post-Graduate Programs

The Aviation University of the Americas provides Aviation Industry Training offering diplomas, under-graduate and post-graduate degrees. We are committed to providing training for practical career options and short term employment. The programs offered will include: Aviation Technology, Aviation Finance, Aviation Management, Aviation Marketing, Aviation Security, Aviation Dietetics, Aviation Interior Design, and Aviation Agricultural Science with supporting courses designed to develop skills in: customer service, entrepreneurship, Information Technology and languages.

Welcome to The Aviation University of the Americas

The first aviation university to be located in the Caribbean in beautiful beach surrounded Jamaica.


Flight training

Aviation University of the Americas currently does not offer Flight Training but hopes to add this to our offerings as the market demands. The University however, is currently in partnership with Naples Air Center in Florida who provides favourable rates to students of the Aviation University of the Americas

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